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Dr. Ivan Enev

Dr. Ivan Georgiev Enev graduated in medicine from the Higher Medical Institute – Sofia in 1992. He started working as a pediatrician in the Children’s Polyclinic Department of the “Hr. Botev” Hospital in Vratsa, and from 2000 to the present he works as a general practitioner in the same city.

He has acquired specialties in Pediatrics and General Medicine. In 1995 and 1999, he conducted certified trainings in Classical Homeopathy and Clinical Homeopathy at CEDH, France. He is currently residency in “Nutrition and Dietetics” and he is a PhD student at the Medical University – Varna.

Since 1999 he has been a instructor at the Center for Training and Development of Homeopathy, and since 2010 at the European School of Clinical Homeopathy. He teaches “Clinical Homeopathy” as a freely elective discipline to medical students at the Medical University – Varna.

He has multiple publications in the field of clinical homeopathy, both in Bulgaria and abroad. He is the author of the book “Practical Homeopathy”, 2003, reprinted in 2010. He is the co-author of the textbooks “Clinical Homeopathy – a Practical Materia Medica”, “Basics of the homeopathic therapy – acute pathology” and “Basics of homeopathic therapy – chronic pathology”. Translated the book “Organon of the healing art” by Samuel Hahnemann. There are numerous participations with scientific reports in national and international congresses and conferences.

He is the winner of the “Family Doctor of the Year” award.

Member of the management board of the Association of Homeopathic Doctors in Bulgaria. Co-founder and member of the Board of the Bulgarian Medical Homeopathic Organization and the Association of General Practitioners, Vratsa. Member of the Société Homéopathique Internationale de Soins de Support en Oncologie (Shosso), France.

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