Dr. Petko Zagorchev

Dr. Petko Stoyanov Zagorchev graduated in medicine from the Medical University – Varna in 1973. From the same year until now, he has been a resident and head of the of the Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Department, Multispecialty Hospital for Active Treatment, Shumen

He has acquired specialties in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Toxicology, Clinical Toxicology, Emergency Medicine and Healthcare Management.

He has completed certified training in Emergency Medicine at the University Hospital of Amiens, France, in Endobiogenic Medicine at the Institute of Endogenous Medicine, Belgium and an additional qualification in Clinical Homeopathy, CEDH France.

His therapeutic and diagnostic activity is mainly in the field of intensive and emergency medicine, incl. introduction of modern artificial pulmonary ventilation (AIV) in regional hospitals, new methods in modern anesthesia and new methods of detoxification in emergency toxicology.

Teacher of doctors and students in clinical homeopathy (Elective course in clinical homeopathy) at the Medical University – Varna. There are a number of publications in Bulgarian and international scientific journals, as well as participation in scientific forums and and discussions on the topic of analgesis, emergency medicine, toxicology, treatment of acute and chronic pain in oncology.

He played a role in the reintroduction of the Doctor’s Union of Bulgaria and the initiation of donor programs in Bulgaria. Since 2012, he has been the chairman of the Central Medical Commission at the Doctor’s Union of Bulgaria, and since the end of his terms, he has been a member of the aforementioned committee.

He has received the Doctor of the Year award thrice from the Regional branch of the doctor’s union in Shumen.

He is a member of the management boards of the Scientific Society of Clinical Toxicology as well as the National Association of Practical Dietetics and Integrative Medicine.

He is a member of Shosso (Société Homéopathique Internationale de Soins de Support en Oncologie), France

He is the chairman of the Bulgarian medical homeopathic organization.