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Dr. Vladimir Daskalov, MD, PhD

Born in 1962, graduated in medicine in 1988. He began his professional career as a clinical resident in general surgery at the Medical Academy – Sofia. Specialist in general surgery since 1994. Since 2002, he has been chief assistant in the Department of Emergency Medicine and Abdominal Surgery and deputy head of the Clinic for Abdominal Surgery of the Medical Academy of Medical Sciences – Sofia. Defends a dissertation on the topic: Operative treatment of hemorrhoidal disease under Doppler control. Master of Public Health and Health Management. He was the deputy director of UMBAL St. Ivan Rilski – Sofia, and from December 2022 he holds the position of Executive Director of USBAL for Oncology – Sofia. Author of over 70 scientific publications. Member of ESTES (European Society of Trauma and Emergency Surgery), ACS (American college of surgery) and IASGO (International Association of Surgeons, Gastroenterologists and Oncologists).

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