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Ellen Griesshammer

Ellen Griesshammer is responsible for the European Cancer Centre Certification Programme, a quality assurance programme for tumour-specific oncological networks (www.ecc-cert.org) which has been initatied by the German Cancer Society.

From 2018 – 2022 she participated in the Joint Action “innovative Partnership Action against Cancer” acting as the co-work package leader for “Governance of integrated and comprehensive Cancer Care”. Within the WP the concept of Comprehensive Cancer Care Networks (CCCNs) was developed and successfully implemented in two pilot-sites in Poland and Germany. Based on this work, Ms Griesshammer, continued her engagement in the EU4Health Programme and is acting as co-work package lead in the new cancer Joint Action “Preparatory activities for the creation of a European Network of Comprehensive Cancer Centres” (2022-2024). The WP focuses on the organization of comprehensive high quality cancer care in Comprehensive Cancer Care Networks and the definition of interfaces between research and care. In addition she is also part of a Horizon Europe Cancer Mission Project: Strengthening research capacities of Comprehensive Cancer Infrastructures (2023-2026). In this project she is the co-WP2 leader for defining the criteria and quality indicators for setting up national Comprehensive Cancer Infrastructures in the member states of the European Union.

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