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BJCN Sessions

Dr. Alexander Simidchiev
Specialist in lung diseases, Member of Parliament and Deputy Chairman of the Health Commission at the National Assembly
Dr. Bianca Cucos, MD
Medical Lead at Centre for Innovation in Medicine, Romania
Dr. Vladimir Daskalov, MD, PhD
Executive Director of National Oncology Hospital – Sofia
Prof. Galina Velikova, MD, PhD
Consultant in Medical Oncology, University of Leeds and University Hospital of Leeds, UK
Daniela Taneva
Business Analyst and Value-Based Healthcare Consultant at MY Synergy
Ellen Griesshammer
German Cancer Society, Berlin, Germany
Emil Syundyukov
CEO at Longenesis, Riga, Latvia
Dr. Jean-Lionel Bago
Specialist in integrative cancer supportive care treatments
Coordinating doctor Integrative Health Department Groupe Hospitalier Saint Vincent, Strasbourg
Ivaylo Petrov
Coordinator of projects and public relations of BJCN
Dr. Ivan Enev
Practitioner in general medicine, pediatrics and homeopathy, Vratsa
Ivan Lekushev
Chief executive officer of BGO Software
Ivana Cattaneo
Chair of the EFPIA Oncology Platform
Ivana Dragoeva
IT project manager at BGO Software
Katharina Habimana
Austrian National Public Health Insitute
Team member of the eCAN Joint Action
Dr. Petko Zagorchev
Head of Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Department, Multispecialty Hospital for Active Treatment, Shumen
Tugce Schmitt
Sciensano Belgian institute for health
Сoordinating team member of the eCAN Joint Action
Yasmin Fonseca 
Agency for Clinical Research and Biomedical Innovation (AICIB), Portugal

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